Our History

Easley first united methodist church

In 1846, twenty-eight years before the beginning of the town of Easley, Methodists in the area built their first house of worship. It was a brush arbor on the crest of a hill, one mile north of Pickensville. It was named Mt. Olivet Methodist Church (pictured). In 1878, a building was erected on a five acre tract of land at the crossroads of Greenville and Pendleton roads. The interior of the building was plaster and the exterior was painted white. This building also served as Easley’s first schoolhouse. As more Methodist churches were built in the area, the name was changed to First Methodist Church in 1885.


In 1927, the church building and grounds were sold to the city of Easley. The site is now West View Cemetery. A new building was erected on West 1st Avenue, the church’s present location. First occupied in 1930, it included a sanctuary, education rooms and other facilities.


In 1955, the present education building was erected adjacent to the existing building. It includes classrooms, fellowship hall and kitchen. Construction was completed in 1961 on the sanctuary, chapel, (former) offices, choir room and memorial room. During the early 1970s, the old bell from the Mt. Olivet church was refurbished and placed in the bell tower.


In 1998, another new facility became a reality when Wesley Hall, which now houses the gym, youth area and classrooms, was completed. The first church lunch in the new building was held in October 1998.


The SonRise Service began in May 2000. It is a  service with a live praise band, worship and weekly communion.  This service is at 8:40 a.m.

A former bank corporate office property facing Pendleton Street was purchased in October 2002 and named the Trinity Center. Renovated by youth and other volunteers in 2004, it is now home to the church offices, library and conference area.


Easley First United Methodist Church purchased the former Easley Hotel property in October 2007 with a gift from J. Hal Jameson and his family in loving memory of his mother, Nettie Ellison Jameson.


Our chapel was named in memory of Nettie Ellison Jameson, Sue McCall Jameson and Dr. John Hal Jameson.


Today, EFUMC has more than 900 members on roll. As the church grows in size, it continues in spiritual growth and service to the community.


In 2016 the Sanctuary underwent renovation along with the choir room.  The nursery was relocated into the former office space. This renovation enabled us to provide updated worship facilities for both of our services.


Through a variety of service organizations in the community and through local and international mission trips, the church is actively involved in fulfilling its mission statement, “Grow in Christ. Reach out to others.”

Mt. Olivet Methodist Church circa 1878.

Mt. Olivet Methodist Church circa 1878.